Dog Bow Ties

As pet owners, we love to cater to our dogs’ individual personalities. What better way to do that than by accessorizing your pup with his very own dog bow tie or dog neck tie? Dog bow ties come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. You can find one for an everyday occasion, a holiday-themed option or even one that will get your dog ready for a black tie event.

Chewy offers a wide variety of dog bow ties for pet owners to choose from. They fit dogs of all sizes, shapes, ages and breeds, and offer a fun way to infuse a little style into your pup’s everyday look. With its simple white collar design that is artfully accented with a polka dot tie, the Frisco polka dot neck tie and collar provides the perfect way to dress to impress on a special occasion. The Blueberry Pet handmade bow tie set includes two dog bow ties that come adorned with dog bones or prints like paisley or polka dots, or two-toned color combinations. And for the ultra-stylish pup who is always switching up his look, the Doggie Design dog bow tie set includes an array of dog bow ties for all occasions. A patriotic American flag-themed dog bow tie is perfect for the Fourth of July, or pick out a festive bow tie for the holidays.

Some dogs don’t like the feeling of wearing everyday dog clothing or being dressed up in a dog costumes around the holidays. But pups are generally accustomed to wearing dog collars on a regular basis, so a bow tie shouldn’t take much getting used to. Dog bow ties typically come with a built-in loop on the back, allowing them to slide right onto a dog’s collar. Dog neck ties include a collar-like strap that attaches around a dog’s neck, often going over the existing collar. This makes them an easy accessory for a pet to wear and, one that will allow him to be comfortable and extra stylish for everyday activities. Shop Chewy's online pet shop for stylish dog bow ties and all your dog supplies and dog food delivery needs.

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