Dog Bowls & Dishes

Give your doggie something extra special to eat out of with quality dog bowls and dishes from Chewy. Whether you've got a peckish puppy or hangry hound, there's a perfect dog dish for your pup. You'll find a wide range of dog bowls and feeders to meet you and your dog's needs on Chewy. Explore pet food dishes, bowls for dogs, dog food storage container options, automatic dog feeders, water dishes for dogs, on-the-go water bottles and so much more—all aimed at making feeding your dog and supplying fresh water simple, safe and stylish. Your dog feeding station of choice depends on your individual style, function, price and other factors important to you as a pet parent. Dog bowls and plates come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Express your bold bowwow's style with a trendy bowl, or go the rugged route for the pup that's pure rascal. Common dog bowl materials include ceramic dog bowls, stainless steel dog bowls and plastic dog bowls. Ceramic and stainless steel pet bowls are often dishwasher safe, which leaves one less dish for puppy parents to hand wash. Automatic dog feeders are great for pet parents who want to ensure proper pup feeding while they're away. Programmable automatic dog feeders relieve dog sitters of having to monitor and maintain your canine's feeding schedule—and ensures they don't forget. It also prevents multiple feedings, which can happen in busy households. If your canine companion's taller than the average dog, try elevated dog bowls to help make meal time more comfortable. Always on the go? Try dog travel bowls for easy transportation. These collapsible dog bowls are both convenient and functional. Their ability to go flat makes them easy to transport and store at home when you have limited shelf space. Chewy features the best dog bowls brands like Loving Pets, MidWest, Bergan and PetRageous designs. Bergan's known for their high quality, low maintenance stainless steel dog bowls. PetRageous makes doggie dishes with outrageous and fun designs. For the stylish pup, shop Loving Pets dog water dishes and more. Find puppy feeding bowls on Chewy that are the perfect size for your precious pup.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bowls & Dishes

How high should dog bowls be?

Dog bowls should be high enough off the ground that they sit at roughly the same height as your dog’s lower chest. You can determine the proper height by measuring your dog from front paws to shoulders and then subtracting 5-6 inches from that measurement. A properly elevated bowl should allow your dog to eat without bending his neck upward or downward.

How do you clean dog bowls?

Clean dog bowls by hand with warm soapy water or clean dishwasher-safe bowls in the dishwasher. Always read the directions for care on your dog’s bowls and never use anything that may be harmful to your dog to clean them.

How do you keep dog bowls from sliding?

Keep dog bowls from sliding by choosing slip-resistant dog bowls or using a slip-proof dog mat beneath them. You can also choose a dog bowl feeding station that holds food and water bowls firmly within its base.

How often should you clean dog bowls?

You should clean dog bowls used for food after every meal and clean water bowls every few days. It is especially important to clean bowls used for wet food quickly to avoid food-borne illness, but frequent washing is a good idea for dry food bowls, as well.