Horse Bridles, Halters & Leads

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Horse Bridles, Halters & Leads

Every horse owner knows that one of the most important horse stable supplies to have on hand is a horse halter. Horse halters can help your horse to express himself by making a subtle fashion statement, and are crucial for showing or groundwork.

Halters come in a variety of sizes and materials. There are leather horse halters, which, when properly cared for, can last the lifetime of your horse. These types of halters can have double- or triple-stitching and may have some padding built in for the sake of a horse’s comfort. A horse grooming halter is a more basic halter that includes a headstall and noseband or comes in a convertible format with clips on either side of the throatlatch and noseband. Nylon horse halters can be popular everyday halters for your horse, as they are easy to slip on, are durable, and can be easily replaced. Then there are breakaway halters for horses, which can release quickly in the event that your horse becomes tangled up. Rope halters with knots work by applying gentle pressure to various areas on a horse’s face. There are also horse halters that are catered to the show ring.

No matter what your horse halter needs are, Chewy has a selection that can meet the needs of every kind of horse. The Tough-1 nylon padded horse halter is a double-ply nylon horse halter that features an adjustable crown and nose with satin padding for a horse’s ultimate comfort, as well as a snap hook and quick-release buckle, making it a great choice for catching, holding, leading or tying a yearling horse. The Derby Originals Extra Comfort horse mask comes in a variety of colors such as purple, royal blue and lime green, and helps to protect a horse’s ears, eyes and face from flying pests with its secure fit and comfortable material. And the Weaver Leather Horse Miracle Collar is specially designed to help break a horse of its cribbing behavior by applying gentle pressure while still allowing for your horse to comfortably eat, drink or graze.

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