Guinea Pig Cages

Choosing the right cage is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your fluffball—just a little more important than picking out a name! With so many guinea pig cages available, how do you choose the right one?

The best guinea pig cage has plenty of space for your petite pet to exercise and play. Unlike other petite friends, guinea pigs do not like to climb, so a long cage with plenty of horizontal space is a better option than a tall one with multiple levels. Your furry friend also likes to burrow in bedding or hay, so a deep base is a good way to keep the mess off your floor.

It can be challenging to decide which guinea pig cage size to get to fit your room and provide your furbaby with enough space. You can choose a small guinea pig cage if you have limited space, but more room provides more space for exercise and play. When possible, it’s always best to select big and large guinea pig cages so she has as much room as possible—especially important if you have more than one guinea pig. We know there’s a lot to consider when picking out your buddy’s cage, and that’s why we offer a variety of guinea pig cages for sale.

Chewy is also here for you when you’re shopping for all of the other guinea pig supplies you need to bring your new furbaby home or take care of your paw-tner of many years. For example, to help her stay her happiest and healthiest, she should always have her favorite guinea pig food available. In addition to pellet food, she’ll need a large amount of roughage like timothy hay. Having a source of vitamin C is particularly important because she can’t create her own. Of course, you’ll want to give your furbaby guinea pig treats—they’re a great way to connect with her and earn her trust! And when it’s time to come out of the cage to play, guinea pig playpens help you keep your fur-iend in a safe spot. Shop guinea pig cages and other pet parent necessities on Chewy 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size cage is best for a guinea pig?

The best cage size for a guinea pig is at least 30 inches by 36 inches, although bigger is always better. For example, the MidWest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Home is big enough for your single fur-iend. It even has two sections—one for necessities and one for play! The more fur-iends in the cage, the bigger it needs to be. So, guinea pig cages for 2 should be at least 30 inches by 50 inches.

What accessories do guinea pigs need?

The accessories guinea pigs need in a guinea pig habitat are the things that support her health and happiness. Her cage should have absorbent guinea pig bedding for comfort and to help manage the mess of bathroom habits. Hideouts are a must-have so she can feel safe in her home. Many cages come with one built in! And your fur-iend will want to have things to play with, so make certain that guinea pig toys are available for gnawing and exploring.

Are multi-level cages good for guinea pigs?

Multi-level cages are okay for guinea pigs, but unlike other small animals, they prefer flat cages. Some of these tiny friends can be a-fur-aid of heights, and your pal might not even attempt to go up a gentle ramp. If you would like to use height to add more usable space to her cage, consider a cage with a very low ledge that also doubles as a hideaway.

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