Chinchilla Cages

Your fur-iend is a mover and shaker, so she needs a chinchilla cage that can keep up with her need to jump, climb and explore. When choosing which chinchilla cage size is right for your fuzzy friend, focus more on the height because chins are great climbers and would rather go up and down than run side to side.

Some chinchilla cages have wire bottoms, while others have solid bottoms. Many pet parents like wire bottom cages because waste drops below for easy cleaning and your fur-iend won’t sit in it. Others prefer solid bottoms that are easier on your chin’s feet. You should avoid cages with plastic where your buddy might be able to nibble because she will likely want to take a taste! The single- or double-story cages are fur-avorites because they are secure and have plenty of space for entertainment and rest.

Wire cages are great because they allow for plenty of airflow so she stays cool and comfortable. And what’s your chin’s favorite part of the wire-sided cage? You can hang plenty of toys and hammocks for play and naptime! Chewy knows it can be challenging to select the just-right habitat for your buddy, so we offer a variety of chinchilla cages for sale.

There are other chinchilla supplies you should have to help your soft friend live a healthy and happy life. For chinchilla food, you’ll want complete pellets and an endless supply of loose hay. Of course, chinchilla treats are great in moderation and help you gain trust and train her. Chinchilla water bottles are the best way to keep fur-esh water available at all times. Whether you are shopping for the right chinchilla cage or you’re looking to surprise your chin with something new, Chewy is here for you 24/7 with everything you need to care for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should be in a chinchilla cage?

There are many things that should be in a chinchilla cage to keep your friend healthy, comfortable and entertained. In addition to food and water, the best chinchilla cages are filled with accessories to keep her entertained, exercising and comfortable. Your fur-iend is very bright and chinchilla toys are an important addition to habitats to keep her entertained and mentally stimulated. Hideouts are a must—she needs a place to rest and feel safe! Also, chinchilla bedding is a nice addition to keep her cage comfy.

What size cage does a chinchilla need?

The cage size that your chinchilla needs includes at least 2 square feet of space. When deciding between small and large chinchilla cages, remember that taller is better. Make sure you have ledges and maybe even multiple levels in your tall cage—you want to provide easy access to climbing upwards and prevent accidental falls when she comes back down.

What is the best kind of cage for a chinchilla?

The best kind of cage for a chinchilla has great ventilation and paw-vides plenty of vertical space for play. Your pal likes to climb, so different levels or branches to climb are a great way to keep her occupied. For example, the MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage has three levels for climbing and fun! It also leaves space for rest, toys and chinchilla essentials.

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