Mouse Habitats & Accessories

When shopping for mouse enclosures, you’ll want to look for ones with enough space for exercise, play and rest. Chewy carries a great selection of mouse enclosures and small animal cages that work well for mice, along with all the mouse cage accessories you need to make your mouse cage feel cozy and welcoming. Here are a few things you should consider before picking out a new mouse house.

The first thing to consider when choosing a mouse enclosure is security. The best mouse habitats will be difficult to escape, with wire bars spaced no more than ¼ inch apart (smaller for baby mice) or glass or plastic walls with a tight-fitting, well-ventilated lid. Be sure any doors or lids latch securely and that the cage material is chew-proof. Aquariums and plastic cage systems with tunnels and wheels can work for mice and provide good escape prevention, but ventilation may be a concern and cleaning them can be a bit more involved. Some determined mice may even be able to chew their way out of a plastic mouse habitat, so be sure to use caution if you choose one of these.

Wire cages with horizontal bars let mice climb, and you can also find multi-level mouse habitats with ramps and platforms for extra vertical space. Your mouse habitat should have a solid surface floor to avoid injuring your mouse’s feet and provide at least two square feet of space per mouse.

Look for an enclosure that has enough room for a running wheel, ramps or ladders, and possibly a tunnel or two so your mice can zip around. You’ll want to provide a few cozy mouse hideouts & beds in there for your little buddies, along with some fun mouse toys to keep them occupied. Mice also require a thick layer of mouse litter & bedding at the bottom of their cage for play, rest and elimination—soft paper or non-toxic wood usually works best. Chewy has all the things you need to set up a fun and comfortable habitat for your pet mice, including feeders, water bottles, beds, tunnels, wheels, toys and more . Check out our great selection of mouse enclosures and start building the mouse home of their furry little dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best enclosure for mice?

The best enclosure for mice will have ample space for running and climbing, be escape-proof and provide adequate ventilation. Wire enclosures work well for mice, but an aquarium or plastic habitat can make a nice home for them, as well, if it’s adequately ventilated. Be sure to choose a home with a solid surface floor that’s easy on their feet and make sure your enclosure has no gaps larger than ¼ inch, because mice can shimmy through even small openings. You may also want to consider how easy the enclosure will be to clean before you choose.

How big should a mouse's enclosure be?

A mouse’s enclosure should provide 1.5 to 2 square feet of space per mouse, but bigger is always better. A cage with multiple levels will provide more effective area for the mice to run around in and also satisfy their love of climbing. The Ware Chew Proof 4 Story Small Animal Cage is a good size for two mice or more and features multiple levels, or try a cage like the Kaytee CritterTrail One-Level Small Animal Habitat with a wheel, dish and water bottle included.

Can you keep 2 mice in the same enclosure?

You can keep two mice or even more in the same enclosure, just be sure to size up your cage to give them plenty of room. Mice are social animals and will love having company, just make sure to be careful about housing two males together because they may fight, and avoid opposite sex pairings unless you want to breed more mice. Housing mice together from a young age can help avoid competition and aggressive behaviors.

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