Chinchilla Enclosures & Accessories

Choosing an appropriate enclosure for your chinchilla will help ensure your pet’s mental and physical health and can make your life a whole lot easier, too. Chewy makes finding the right chinchilla cage easy, with a great selection of chinchilla enclosures and all the chinchilla cage accessories you need to set your chinchilla up for success. Here are a few things to consider before you buy.

Chinchillas are quite active and love to climb, so a roomy enclosure with lots of vertical space is ideal. The best chinchilla habitats are usually wire enclosures with a solid floor, since wire bars resist destruction from chewing chinchillas and a solid floor protects their delicate feet and holds bedding for them to frolic, rest and eliminate in. If you can’t find a suitable chinchilla cage with a solid floor, you should cover the wire grille surfaces with a solid material or plastic tray to make it more comfortable for your pets. A slide out floor pan will also make daily cage cleaning easier.

Avoid plastic or wooden enclosures for chinchillas if you can, as these can be easily destroyed by chinchillas and may present an escape risk. Multilevel cages with ramps and platforms like those used for ferrets work very well for chinchillas, providing extra vertical space for the climbing and running around that they love. Try to find a chinchilla habitat with solid surface ramps and shelves instead of wire, or use ramp covers and/or cage liners to make these surfaces more suitable for chinchilla feet.

Once you’ve found the perfect habitat for your chinchillas, line the bottom with soft paper or non-toxic wood chinchilla bedding and put a nest box lined with bedding in there, too. Hanging up some chinchilla hammocks & beds will give your chinchillas a comfy place to rest and hang out, and some chewable chinchilla toys in the cage will help keep their teeth nice and healthy. You may also want to put a chinchilla wheel in there, or make play areas using tunnels or even cardboard tubes. Chewy carries all the accessories you need to make your chinchilla cage a fun and comfy environment for rest, play and exercise. Check out our great selection of chinchilla enclosures and everything that goes in them, and start creating the perfect home for your pets!

Frequently Asked Questions

What enclosure is best for a chinchilla?

The best enclosure for a chinchilla will be a roomy cage made of chew-proof material like thick metal wire. Multilevel cages with lots of vertical room and ramps and platforms for climbing work best. Be sure to pick an enclosure with a solid surface floor to protect your chinchilla’s feet, or cover a wire cage floor with a solid material. Cages with removable pans at the bottom make cleaning easier and hold bedding in for less mess.

How big should a chinchilla enclosure be?

A chinchilla enclosure should have a floor that’s at least 24 x 24 inches, but bigger is always better and having vertical space is important, too. The Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Small Animal Habitat would be a good starter cage that’s close to the minimum size, or try the Prevue Pet Products Rat & Chinchilla Critter Cage for a roomier abode that’d be great as a long-term home for a pair of chinchillas. Simply remove the wire grille floor and move the plastic tray up to provide a solid floor surface for your chinchillas.

Can you keep 2 chinchillas in the same enclosure?

You can sometimes keep two chinchillas in the same enclosure, but it will strongly depend on each chinchilla’s personality. Chinchillas are naturally social animals in the wild, but some domestic chinchillas simply don’t like being housed with other chinchillas and may become aggressive or fight. Some pairs or even groups get along quite well and genuinely enjoy the company, but others become territorial and will need to be housed separately. Introduce chinchillas to each other slowly and see if you can get them to bond. If not, try putting separate cages like the Kaytee 2x2 Multi-Level Habitat with Removable Casters Small Animal Habitat side by side and see if your chinchillas enjoy the mix of privacy and company. The casters will let you move them further away or closer together as needed, and the cages are big enough to house multiple chinchillas together if they eventually warm up to each other.

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