Sugar Glider Habitats & Accessories

Sugar gliders are very active and love to climb and jump, so sugar glider enclosures with lots of vertical space for them to move around in are usually best. Chewy has several sugar glider enclosures to choose from, along with all the sugar glider cage accessories you’ll need to make your enclosure feel like home for your pets. We feature a range of cage sizes, from compact habitats to larger enclosures, in several styles to suit different tastes and needs. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a new sugar glider cage for your home.

The best sugar glider habitats don’t need to have too much floor space, but they should be at least three feet tall and, ideally, have a platform or two. Wire bars spaced no more than ½ inch apart are ideal for preventing escapes, as is a sturdy latch because sugar gliders can learn to open loose latches. Vertical bars are fine for sugar glider cages, although some people think the best sugar glider cages are those with horizontal bars, since they’re easy and fun for gliders to climb.

Never choose a smooth-sided cage or aquarium for sugar gliders, since gliders need to climb and jump and won’t be able to scale a smooth surface as easily. Cages with smooth wire sides are preferred since they won’t scratch your pets’ delicate feet like raw metal or catch their claws like mesh.

You can get a cage with a solid or wire base, but a solid pan is best for catching messes if you plan to put sugar glider bedding at the bottom. Make sure to provide a few sugar glider hideouts and beds for your pets, along with branches and other things to climb and jump on in the habitat. You’ll also want to give each glider a cloth sleep pouch for cozy naps and put tip-proof food bowls and a water bottle or two in there for your little guys. Shop for all your sugar glider supplies at Chewy- we’ve got the cage accessories you’ll need to set up your cage along with lots of sugar glider treats and sugar glider toys to keep your sugar gliders happy. Check out our great selection of sugar glider enclosures and get started on creating a terrific new habitat for your pet gliders!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size enclosure does a Sugar Glider need?

A pair of sugar gliders need a cage that’s at least 36 inches tall and 24 x 24 inches wide and deep, but larger and especially taller is always better for sugar gliders. Having single sugar gliders isn’t recommended because they’re social animals and will get lonely. If you have more than two sugar gliders, you may want to get an even bigger cage. The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage has lots of great features and could easily fit two or more gliders.

How do you clean a Sugar Glider cage?

Clean your sugar glider cage daily by spot cleaning messes and removing bedding or wiping down trays with a non-toxic, gentle cleaner like Kaytee Clean Cage Small Animal Habitat Deodorizer Spray, 16-oz bottle. Deep clean your cage every two weeks or so using a mixture of hot water and vinegar or a solution of mild dish soap. Be sure to wash all your food bowls daily, clean water bottles regularly and machine wash bedding at least once a week. Make sure everything is rinsed and dry before returning your gliders to the enclosure.

Can you keep 2 sugar gliders in the same enclosure?

You can keep two sugar gliders in the same enclosure and even house multiple gliders in one cage. Many experts caution against keeping just one sugar glider alone, as sugar gliders live in colonies in the wild and tend to do better in pairs or groups. You can keep multiple males or multiple females together in one cage, but if you keep a mixture of males and females, make sure you have as many female gliders or more than males, or the males may fight. Always introduce new gliders slowly to avoid stress and aggression.

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