Hedgehog Cages

Choosing a hedgehog cage for your spiky buddy can be easy if you carefully consider some basic needs. You’ll want ample room, chew-proof construction, and a deep pan for bedding. Chewy offers a variety of hedgehog cages for sale, plus some handy hedgehog playpens you can use to create more running space for your little friend. You’ll find a range of hedgehog cage sizes, from compact habitats to large hedgehog cages, along with all the accessories you’ll need to make them feel like home. Here are a few things to consider before you choose a new hedgehog habitat and kit it out.

Hedgehogs are very active and require some space to run around, so a cage that’s at least four feet by two feet is recommended. The best hedgehog cages will be bigger and have a deep, solid floor pan, with chew-proof wire sides spaced closely enough to prevent escapes. A six-inch deep pan allows for lots of fresh bedding at the bottom and prevents your pet from climbing the wire sides, which can cause injury, and wire bars should have no more than one inch of space between them. Multi-level cages are not recommended, as hedgehogs see poorly and may fall and injure themselves.

Some people prefer a smooth-sided cage and will use aquarium tanks or construct DIY pet hedgehog bin cages using plastic storage bins and chicken wire for ventilation. These also prevent dangerous climbing and can hold heat well in drafty rooms. Make sure that whatever type of hedgehog housing you choose has adequate ventilation and can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

Putting a few hedgehog hideouts and beds in your hedgehog cage will provide a feeling of security and the darkness your nocturnal pet enjoys, and a solid surface exercise wheel will help keep him active and happy. Hedgehog toys are also a great addition to your hedgehog’s habitat, along with lots of fluffy hedgehog bedding for burrowing and rest—choose only dust-free hedgehog cage liners like paper or low-dust wood shavings. Chewy’s online pet store has all the hedgehog supplies you need to create the perfect habitat for your pet. Shop our selection of the coolest cages, the best hedgehog playpens and everything else your hedgie could want!

What type of cage is best for a hedgehog?

The best cage for a hedgehog will have a solid, deep pan for bedding, plenty of floor space to run around in, and be well-ventilated. Multi-level cages are a no-no, as hedgehogs can’t see well and may fall, and cages with wire bottoms can hurt their feet. A glass aquarium or other smooth-sided cage will work if it has sufficient ventilation, as will a wire-sided cage like the Ware Home Sweet Home Plastic Small Animal Cage, Color Varies or the Ware Chew Proof Small Animal Cage. Just remember, bigger is always better when it comes to hedgehog cages!

How big of a cage does a hedgehog need?

A hedgehog needs a cage that’s big enough for proper exercise, ideally one that’s at least four feet long by two feet wide. Letting your hedgehog out to run around the house or in a hedgehog playpen can provide extra outlets for healthy exercise, but you will still need a roomy cage for your pet. Hedgehogs greatly prefer larger habitats and may become stressed, depressed or physically unhealthy in a too-small cage.

What do you put in the bottom of a hedgehog cage?

Put lots of fresh bedding material in the bottom of your hedgehog’s cage. It will provide a comfy rest area, a place to burrow and play, and a place to eliminate if your hedgehog doesn’t use a litter box. Hedgehog bedding made of paper or non-aromatic wood shavings is preferred, but you can also use hedgehog cage liners made of wheat, corn cobs and other low-dust materials for hedgehogs, too. Make sure to change the bedding frequently to keep your hedgehog habitat nice and tidy.

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