Sugar Glider Cages

Sugar gliders are very active and love to climb and jump, so you’ll need to get a sugar glider cage that has lots of vertical space for them. Chewy has several sugar glider cages for sale along with some of the best sugar glider playpens you can buy for your little buddies. We feature a range of sugar glider cage sizes, from compact habitats to large sugar glider cages, as well as all the accessories you’ll need to make your sugar glider habitat feel like home.

The best sugar glider habitats don’t need to have too much floor space, but they should be at least three feet tall and, ideally, have a platform or two. Wire bars spaced no more than ½ inch apart are ideal for preventing escapes, as is a sturdy latch because sugar gliders can learn to open looser latches. Vertical bars are fine for sugar glider cages, although some people think the best sugar glider cages are those with horizontal bars, since they’re easier for gliders to climb.

Never choose a smooth-sided cage or aquarium for sugar gliders, since gliders need to climb and jump and won’t be able to scale a smooth surface as easily. Cages with smooth wire sides are preferred, since they won’t scratch your pets’ delicate feet like raw metal or catch their claws like mesh.

You can get a cage with a solid or wire base, but a solid pan is best for catching messes if you plan to use sugar glider bedding at the bottom. Make sure to provide a few sugar glider hideouts and beds for your pets, along with branches and other things to climb and jump on in the habitat. Provide each glider with a cloth sleep pouch for cozy naps, especially if you decide not to use sugar glider litter and cage liners as bedding. Find all your sugar glider supplies at Chewy’s online pet store — we’ve got the sugar glider water bottles and feeders, cozy hideaways and beds, and sugar glider toys you need to make your sugar glider cage the perfect abode.

What is the best type of cage for a sugar glider?

The best type of cage for a sugar glider will be a habitat with lots of vertical space, thin wire bar sides and preferably multiple levels or platforms to climb and jump on. The wires should be spaced ½ inch or less apart and the latch should fasten securely to prevent escapes. The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage has all of these features and comes on locking casters so you can roll it around. [

What size cage does a sugar glider need?

A pair of sugar gliders need a cage that’s at least 36 inches tall and 24 x 24 inches wide and deep, but larger and especially taller is always better for sugar gliders. Having single sugar gliders isn’t recommended because they’re social animals and will get lonely. If you have more than two sugar gliders, you may want to get an even bigger cage.

What does a sugar glider need in its cage?

Sugar gliders need sugar glider water bottles and feeders for fresh food and water and several cozy sugar glider hideouts and beds for naps and a feeling of safety. A sleeping pouch, nest box or hanging bed is the preferred sleeping place for sugar gliders. Adding climbing branches, platforms, a solid surface wheel and some sugar glider toys will help keep your gliders from getting bored. For bathroom needs, you can use loose sugar glider bedding made of paper or non-aromatic wood shavings, disposable or fabric tray liners, puppy pads or shredded newspaper to line the bottom of your cage. Just be careful not to use any sugar glider litter and cage liners that contain toxic substances like cedar oil, or fabric lining material that can snag on their claws.

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