Cat Calendars & Stationery

There’s no better way for a cat lover to enjoy the New Year than with a cute cat calendar. Depending on which cat calendar you fancy, you can uncover a new picture of a cartoon or real-life kitty daily or monthly that will have you looking forward to flipping to the next page. But, our cat calendars aren’t just for looking at cute pictures; the What Cats Teach Us calendar includes monthly life lessons that our feline friends can teach us, such as practicing good grooming habits, and nurturing your independence. But, let’s be real, cute pictures of fuzzy cats and kittens are the main attraction in these gifts for cat lovers—like in the Cats in Sweaters cat calendar that shows cats flaunting their tiny knit sweaters to warm your heart even on the coldest of winter days. Catify your mornings by hanging a cat calendar on your fridge with a magnet, or place the desk calendar at your workstation to add some furry fun to your weekdays. Organize your life with our large-format cat calendars with monthly cat pictures that include daily grids perfect for jotting down important notes and events that you need to remember later. Never lose track of U.S. or international holidays that are pre-marked on each cat calendar to help keep you organized and on-schedule. Our daily cat calendars make every day Caturday with new pictures of adorable kittens or cats that you can discover each morning of the week. If you aren’t particularly a fan of felines, our cute calendars make purrfect gifts for cat lovers in your life. From cartoon pictures of pop-culture cats like Pusheen, to real-life, artfully composed photos of beautiful cats and kittens, our hanging and desk calendars are ideal cat lover gifts for any feline aficionado. If your friends or family go fanatic over anything feline, get them excited about the new year with our cute calendar gifts for cat lovers.

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