Cat Calming & Pheromone Diffusers

Cat anxiety can be caused by many things, such as strangers, loud noises or a trip to the vet. While pet owners can do their best to keep their cats calm and shield them from cat anxiety triggers, cats can still become anxious at times.

Stress in cats can lead to all sorts of unwanted behaviors, such as overgrooming, excessive scratching and urine marking outside of their litter box. Fortunately, Chewy offers a variety of cat calming aids. Cat calming diffusers can significantly help to reduce a cat’s stress and keep him calm.

The ThunderEase Multi-Cat Calming Diffuser Kit is designed to reduce anxiety and help your little ones feel safe and less stressed, without the unwanted side effects of sedatives or antidepressants. The Pet Remedy Natural D-Stress & Calming plug-in diffuser uses a slow-release technology to help soothe an anxious cat. It releases a clinically proven blend of calming scents like valerian and vetiver throughout the day. The Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats is a perfect way to calm cats in a specific area of the home during stressful situations such as separation from owner, thunderstorms, new visitors, introducing a new cat to the home, and fireworks. Chewy also has a variety of brands like Feliway, Sentry and ThunderEase that offer refills for your cat diffuser. It’s always a great idea to have extra refill kits on hand to keep your cats calm and happy. Shop Chewy for all of the best pet supplies!

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