Dog Cameras

Just like new parents use a nanny cam to watch their sleeping baby from the other room, pet parents can keep watch over their pets while they're away with special cat and dog monitors. At Chewy, we carry a selection of dog tech products that includes state-of-the-art dog cameras that act as your second set of eyes. No matter where you are, you can get peace of mind knowing what your fluffy ones are up to, and checking in with the pet sitter. If you're on vacation, you can say hi to the pets from miles away, and even snap a picture when you catch them doing something cute. Most pet cameras like the Canary Wi-Fi Pet Camera work through an app on your smartphone. There's no complicated setup—you just place the small cat or dog monitor in any room you choose, usually in a corner for the best angle. Then you simply download the associated app on your smartphone and connect it to your home Wi-Fi. When you leave the house, all you have to do is open the app to access the live video feed from your pet camera. Chewy has the best pet cameras with plenty of amazing features. Cat and dog cameras give you the ability to watch your pets, of course, and you'll finally figure out who keeps knocking over the trash can while you're out. You can use a pet monitor to talk to your kitties and pups with the two-way audio function. With the push of a button, you can take a pic and even upload it to your social media account or share it with your friends. Some cat and dog webcams have advanced features that let you dispense treats from a dog treat dispenser to your beloved pets or play with them by controlling an interactive laser pointer. But the best thing about pet monitors is that they give pet parents peace of mind. It's one less thing to worry about when you know your anxiety-prone pooch or senior kitty is sleeping happily or playing contentedly while you're gone. Check out our pet tech category to find out more about products like automatic dog doors in addition to the cat and dog cameras we offer. If you are looking for new some dog collars, dog beds, dog toys or just some dog food Chewy's online pet shophas all of the dog products you may need to keep your four legged friend happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Cameras

Do you need an app to use with a dog camera?

There may be an app to use with your dog camera, depending on which model you choose. Most dog cameras come with a proprietary app designed to work with the camera's hardware and software. Read the instructions and product information to learn more about which apps work with your dog camera and whether the camera you are considering has all the smart features you desire.

Can I talk to my dog through camera?

It depends on your dog and the type of camera. You should talk to your dog through the camera if you think it will make him calmer or less lonesome. Some dogs respond very well to two-way camera audio and feel better when they hear their person's voice. Others may become distressed at hearing the voice but not being able to find the person talking. Experiment when you first get your camera to determine what works best for your pup.

Do dog cameras help with anxiety?

Dog cameras can help with anxiety, especially if the two-way audio feature lets you soothe your pup by talking. Some cameras will alert you if your dog barks or cries so you can comfort him verbally through the microphone. Others will dispense treats at your command through a connected app on your phone. Not all dogs will respond well to interaction through a dog camera, so be sure to monitor your dog for signs of distress when you first introduce this new technology.

What are the best dog cameras and monitors?

The best dog cameras and monitors will have good video quality, reliable motion detection and other features that make viewing easy and convenient when you are away. Wide-angle, pan, zoom and tilt functions are helpful if you are trying to get a good view of your dog in a large room. Two-way talk functions are good for soothing dogs with separation anxiety, or just for keeping pets company when you are away. Some cameras even let you dispense treats remotely using an app. Look for advanced features like WiFi connectivity, cloud video storage and night vision to fit your particular needs.