Dog Car Seats

A dog car seat is a great option when it comes to keeping your pup safe and comfortable during car travel. If you are looking to find the perfect dog car seat for your fur friend, then look no further—Chewy has got you covered. Chewy has a great selection of dog and puppy car seats in all different shapes, sizes from large dog car seats to small dog car seats and styles, so you can be sure to find one that suits the needs of your pets while also fitting in your car. For smaller dogs, the dog booster seat can be a great solution for keeping your pet restrained but also comfy. K&H Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat will fit on any seat in your car and is elevated so that your pet can enjoy looking out the window. It has also security tethers to make sure your pet doesn’t start venturing out and about inside the car while you are driving. The Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Pet Booster Seat is another dog booster seat option, but this one can be secured to the headrest of your car’s seat. It also has additional straps that allow you to secure it in place so that the seat doesn’t slide around while the car is in motion. The Pet Gear dog booster seat is large enough to fit two small dogs comfortably. This dog booster seat is secured using the seat belts of your car and also has tethers to keep your dogs confined to their seat. Chewy even has dog car seats that are suitable for bigger dogs. The Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel is a tube that lays across the back seats of your car and is secured using your car’s seat belts. The tube is designed to be adjustable so it can accommodate both big and small dogs. It is also collapsible for easy storage. The Solvit Car Seat Cuddler is the ultimate in pet comfort when it comes to dog car seats. Your pet can treat the back seat of your car like their own personal coach with this pet bed car seat cover. It comes in two sizes—small for just one seat, and large for the entire back seat. So keep your pet comfortable and secure with these dog car seats from Chewy where you'll find the best pet supplies and dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Car Seats

Do dogs need car seats?

Dogs need car seats for their safety, and car seats make riding with your dog safer for you, too. An unsecured dog can distract you while driving or be seriously injured if you have to suddenly stop. Another upside of dog car seats is that they protect your car interior from dirt, hair, claw scratches and moisture, and they can make your dog feel more comfortable during travel.

Are dog car seats safe?

Dog car seats are safe, but you need to make sure you buy one with the right safety features and use it according to the instructions. A safety harness is a must to protect your dog against sudden stops, and you should always put your car seat in the back seat—not the front—because dogs can be injured by airbags. The safest choice for smaller dogs is often a crash-tested, carrier-style seat that has an included safety harness. Larger dogs can use a hammock-style seat with a safety harness attached.

What should I look for in a dog car seat?

You should look for four main features in a dog car seat. Look for sturdy construction, water-resistant design, comfortable surfaces and a safety harness to restrain your pup during sudden stops. Other desirable features include machine washable materials and easy portability for travel. You can find crash-tested dog car seats for an extra measure of safety, or seats that boost your dog up so he can look out the window. Be sure to choose a seat that is the appropriate size for your dog and follow all instructions for safely securing your pup.

What is the best car seat for dogs?

The best car seat for dogs is one that will let your pup sit comfortably and safely in your car. Smaller dogs may benefit from a carrier style seat or booster seat, while larger dogs might enjoy a hammock that makes the back seat into a comfy and protected bed. A good car seat should also provide some restraint in the event of a sudden stop, so look for one with a harness leash restraint or other pup-friendly safety device.