Small Pet Carriers

To take your small animal safely out of his cage or habitat, you’ll need a small pet carrier that he can comfortably travel in, and Chewy has an amazing selection of small pet carriers that he’ll love. Whatever kind of small animal you call your pet, we have you covered with the best rabbit carriers, guinea pig carriers, hamster carriers, hedgehog carriers, ferret carriers, and more. With comfortable and safely-constructed small animal pet carriers from well-known and trusted brands like Kaytee, Living World and Martin’s Cages, you can be 100% confident that you’ve purchased the very best best small animal supplies for your perfect pet.

With carriers in a variety of different sizes to accommodate anything from mice and gerbils to rabbits and chinchillas, you can be sure we have a small pet carrier that will fit perfectly. No matter how big or small your furry friend happens to be, he’ll love having the ability to get out of his cage and travel with his favorite human companion, whether it’s on a trip across the country or just a quick drive to a friend’s house across town.

If you want to take take your pet out of their enclosure but you want them to get some exercise and need more than a carrier, check out our selection of small pet harnesses & leashes which will let your pet join you on a walk or come along wherever you’d like him to go. Paired with a safe and reliable carrier, your small animal pet will be able to travel anywhere you go- securely, yet freely. Shop Chewy for the best small pet supplies available to pet owners today, and check out our other pet supplies for dogs and cats as well.

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