Cat Carriers

Today's cat carriers are stylish, light-weight and comfortable. The best cat carrier is comfortable enough for you to carry, while being comfortable for your cat to rest in and with room for some of her favorite cat toys. Traveling with a pet can be stressful, especially when dealing with airport security. It's important to look for a cat travel bag that works with your airline's regulations. While car travel can be less stressful for you, it can be just as scary as air travel for your cat. Cat kennels or cat carriers keep your cat from lashing out at you with her claws from fear or anxiety. For a stylish cat carrier bag consider the Sherpa Element Duffle Pet Carrier in tan. You'll be the envy of all other pet parents with this elegant cat carrier. So stylish, others won't even know you've got a cat inside. For pet parents with back problems a cat travel carrier with wheels is best. The Bergan Wheeled Comfort Pet Carrier relieves back pain from carrying your pet through busy airports or to your destination. OxGord Pet Carrier bags are stylish and ultra-lux. They are also airline approved, making air travel with a pet hassle-free. The OxGord travel cat carrier provides a safe and secure environment for your cat. The removable soft fleece bed is ideal for rest, and for easy cleaning. The strap is padded for shoulder comfort, and comes in smaller sizes for a perfect kitten carrier. If durability is what you seek, consider the MidWest Spree Plastic Carrier for cat travel. Made to last with durable plastic, this cat carrier comes in several colors including blue and red. Traveling with your pet doesn't have to wear you out. Enjoy your trip, while making sure your feline friend is comfortable. Shop pet carriers for cats and more at Chewy, and be sure to stock up on other essential cat supplies like cat litter, cat collars or a handy cat scratcher or cat tree.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Carriers

What kind of carriers are best for cats?

The kinds of carriers best for cats will have adequate ventilation, easy entry options and a securely fastened door to prevent escapes. Hard plastic carriers can provide extra protection during transit and they are easy to clean and disinfect. Soft-sided carriers can provide more cushioning and comfort and give cats a better grip while on the move. Choose an airline-approved cat carrier if you intend to use it on flights, or pick a backpack-style cat carrier for easy portability around town. You can even find cat carrier models with wheels that make taking your cat anywhere convenient and easy.

Do cats prefer hard or soft carriers?

Many cats prefer soft carriers because they provide added cushioning and comfort. Mesh panels on the sides can make it easier to see out, as well. Hard carriers can always be made more comfortable with beds, cushions and blankets, however, and many cats will be equally happy in either carrier type.

How do I make my cat comfortable in a carrier?

Make your cat comfortable in a cat carrier by putting a favorite blanket, cushion or small bed in there. A favorite snuggly toy may provide added comfort, as well. Anxious kitties may feel better if you put an article of your clothing in the carrier with them. Your scent can provide a calming sense of familiarity in an otherwise unfamiliar situation.