Cat Halloween Costumes

Get your cat ready for the Halloween paw-ty by dressing her in an adorable cat Halloween costume. While she might not be willing to show off her costume for trick-or-treaters, she will look adorable modeling for photos that are sure to be shared!

You’ll find the best Halloween costumes for cats at We have something that matches every cat’s paw-sonality. If you have a goofball baby, funny cat costumes are always crowd-pleasers. Your kitty can be anything from a slice of bread to a walking teddy bear. You’ll also find Halloween costumes for cats that let her dress up like another animal for the evening, classic selections, those inspired by fairy tales, your favorite characters and superheroes. There are even some Chewy-exclusive Halloween costumes for kitties so your friend is as unique as can be!

It’s important to measure your pet for the paw-fect fit to help her stay comfortable in the pet cat Halloween costume you choose. For full costumes, you’ll likely need to measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, her neck circumference and her chest circumference. You might even find some cat costumes are also suitable for petite pups who share similar measurements.

There are many ways to celebrate the Halloween season with your cat! Visit our Halloween pet shop to explore all the accessories, treats and toys for your furbaby—your dog, too! When you want to dress her up, but she’s not a fan of costumes, you can turn to accessories like elastic headbands that will transform her into your favorite characters. While your fur-iend won’t be able to snack on candy like you, you’ll find pet treats that will allow her to join the Halloween snacking all month long. Plus, you can keep her occupied with fun Halloween-inspired toys. Shop Chewy 24/7 for fun Halloween supplies, starting with Halloween costumes for cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can cats wear Halloween costumes for?

Cats can wear Halloween costumes for short periods of time. When worn for too long, a costume could cause breathing difficulties or overheating. You should watch for signs of exhaustion or overheating. It’s a good idea to supervise her in her costume—no costumed kitties hiding under the bed! Cat Halloween bandanas and Cat Halloween accessories are lighter alternatives to costumes.

Can dogs wear cat Halloween costumes?

Some dogs can wear cat Halloween costumes. If you have a petite pooch, he might be able to fit in a costume made for cats. There are plenty of dog Halloween costumes to choose from, so you might want to start there for your search. You’ll find a costume to match every pup’s personality!

What are the most popular cat Halloween costumes?

The most popular cat Halloween costumes include some classics like superheroes and silly options like food. Check out the trending cat Halloween costumes to see what other pet parents are buying this year. You also can’t go wrong by choosing a classic cat Halloween costume—they’re adorable and on-trend year after year! You’ll find something for everyone on

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