Ferret Chew Toys

Ferrets love to chew, so having lots of ferret chew toys around for your pet will provide a healthy outlet for this natural behavior. Chewy has a great selection of chewable toys for ferrets including balls, sticks, dangle toys, wheels, rings and more. You’ll want to have a variety of chew toys available for your ferret, both to keep him from getting bored and to discourage unwanted chewing behaviors including furniture destruction, chewing on harmful surfaces, etc. Here’s what you need to know to find the perfect ferret teething toys and chewable playthings for your pet.

The first thing any ferret parent out there will tell you is that every toy you give your ferret is likely to become a ferret chew toy. As such, you want to make sure the toys you get are either ferret-safe or made of natural materials you know are healthy for ferrets to chew. Avoid toys with pieces that can break off and become a choking hazard and steer toward toys made of natural grasses, wood or even corrugated cardboard. Ferret balls made of seagrass or vine, bundles of sticks made specifically for small animals to chew on and even knotted cotton rope are all great choices.

Hard plastic non-toxic toys are fine as long as they won’t break apart, as are ferret plush toys and large wood blocks. Many small animal activity centers feature chewable components and are a great way to keep your ferret and his busy teeth occupied. Avoid rubber or latex toys since they’re easy for ferrets to chew up and swallow, and always inspect even ferret-safe toys for damage that could cause choking or swallowing.

Filling your ferret cages with lots of chewable items provides a great outlet for all that chewy ferret energy while they’re inside. You can find ferret hideouts made of tooth-friendly natural grass or wood and chewable activity centers to hang for your pets’ delight. Spice up ferret playpens with some chewable delights, too, along with all the other toys and hideouts they need to have a good time in there. Shop for all the ferret supplies you need in Chewy’s online pet store. You’ll find lots of great chew toys for your ferret plus other essentials in the small pet supplies section of our site.

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