Small Animal Chew Toys

Small pets require just as much physical and mental exercise as other pets. That is why it is so important to provide them with fun toys that they can engage and play with. Chewy offers the very best small animal pet toys for all pet varieties- rabbit toys, hamster toys, guinea pig toys, hedgehog toys, rat toys, ferret toys, and chinchilla toys- and a great option for small pets, especially rodent pets and rabbits, are chew toys. These toys are stimulating and engaging, and they also help to support healthy teeth by giving them something to gnaw on and wearing down their growing teeth. We have everything from hamster chew toys and hamster wheels & balls to rabbit and ferret chew toys and tunnels. An interactive chew toy like the Katyee Nut Knot Nibbler Small Animal Chew Toy provides pocket pets with a stimulating toy that they can roll around and gnaw on. It even has a wood ball in the middle that rattles around, creating a fun and engaging sound for small pets. If your pet prefers a little more variety in their chew toys, try the Kaytee Lava Block Small Animal Chew Toy. This interactive chew toy is made with all-natural volcanic rock and has wood attachments that make it great for chewing and rolling around. The Kaytee Lava Ledge Small Animal Toy is a great option for pet parents that want to encourage their small pets to be active through natural climbing and jumping exercises. It connects to the side of their enclosure and is made out of pumice rock, so it is easy to grip and safe for chewing. If you want a bonding activity that you and your small pets will enjoy, try the Living World Teach ‘N Treat Small Animal Toy. The Teach ‘N Treat toy allows you to train your small pocket pets to search for small pet treats, which engages their foraging instincts and provides them with mental and physical exercise. With varying levels of difficulty, you can continually challenge your pet and really build a strong bond between the two of you. Chewy's wide selection of pet supplies offers the best small animal pet supplies so that you can find the perfect chew toy for your little one.

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