Cichlid Food

Chewy offers a wide variety of fish food products to fit the needs of every fish aquarium enthusiast, including cichlid food. A cichlid’s diet should consist of mostly pellets or flakes. A cichlid food like Omega One cichlid flakes fish food is sure to keep your cichlid satisfied. It is formulated with the ideal balance of fresh seafood and ocean kelp to support your cichlid’s overall health. Chewy also offers pellet cichlid food like the Aqueon mini cichlid pellet fish food. This nutrition-packed pellet food is specially formulated with only natural ingredients that cichlids love, like squid. TetraCichlid Cichlid Crisps fish food is a bit firmer than the standard fish flakes, but offers your cichlid a nutritionally complete meal that is visually appealing to them because of its partial green color. To keep your fish aquarium and fish tank accessories clean, it is important to remove excess, uneaten food after your cichlid is done eating. This will also help to keep fish tank filters and fish tank pumps functioning properly, by not overloading them with debris. Since cichlids are omnivores, they enjoy a diversified diet. Cichlids really enjoy brine shrimp and blood worms as special treats, so you can give your cichlid Omega One freeze-dried blood worms as a supplement to their regular feedings. Check out the cichlid food and other fish supplies Chewy has to offer to find the best pet products for your finned friend.

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