Fish Tank Cleaners & Pumps

Owning fish might seem easier than taking care of a dog or cat, but any seasoned aquarist can tell you it requires a good bit of dedicated upkeep. With the proper tools, and a little bit of research, you can learn how to clean a fish tank properly and maintain a stable, healthy environment so your tank dwellers will thrive. Chewy's got everything a new fish enthusiast needs to get started, plus all the stuff that veteran fish keepers have on their wish lists.One of the main battles you'll face on an ongoing basis is the fight against algae. Newbie fish owners sometimes fall into the trap of overfeeding, which is the fastest way to lose this battle. Algae thrive on the nutrients from this uneaten food combined with fish waste. Even with measured feeding, algae will grow, but you can do regular aquarium cleaning to keep it under control. You just need to get your tool set in order and figure out an aquarium maintenance schedule.An inexpensive set of brushes that are used on a routine basis is one easy way to keep your fish tank cleaner. Marina Flexible Cleaning Brush fits all hoses up to three-quarters of an inch in diameter and can clean filter tubes up to 21 inches long. It bends easily to fit through any tubing configuration. Marina also has a Brush Kit for aquarium cleaning that includes a foxtail brush, airline tubing brush and filter stem brush. Another fish tank cleaner to keep on hand is one that wipes away algae from the walls of the tank. You can get an API Extra Long Scraper for either acrylic or glass aquariums, and Kent has an all-in-one aquarium Pro-Scraper with interchangeable plastic and metal blades. It extends 16 to 24 inches and also includes a short handle for tight spaces. If you don't want to get your hands wet, try the Mag-Float aquarium cleaning system. An inner magnet with abrasive Velcro cleans the inside of the aquarium when you move a corresponding magnet along the outside of the tank. Mag-Float offers scraper blade attachments for even tougher algae.Good aquarium maintenance also includes frequent partial water changes, and you'll need something to clean the gravel, too. Just like cleaning the floor in your home, the bottom of the tank needs to be kept clean with a little vacuuming. Aqueon Siphon Vacuum has a convenient priming bulb that creates suction for siphoning gravel more easily. Fluval Edge features an easy-start valve and two cleaning attachments.You should also check into a nice air pump like Marina Battery-Operated Air Pump or Tetra Whisper AP for deep-water tanks. These useful accessories keep oxygen levels high to mimic natural currents. Budding and veteran aquarium hobbyists will find everything they need to create and maintain a lively, healthy underwater world.

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