Reptile Cleaning Supplies & Environmental Control

While your reptilian friend may not need as much grooming as a dog or cat, regular cleaning and disinfecting of their cages will keep both you and your pet safe and healthy. Reptiles are susceptible to skin and bacterial infections, so it's extra important to keep cages and habitats clean. Reptile fecal matter carries bacteria like Salmonella, which is dangerous to humans. So, while cleaning equipment may seem like a chore it can protect you from illness too. You can start cleaning by first focusing on his reptile cage accessories. Rocks can be cleaned by boiling them in water and sand can be cleaned through rinsing and oven-baking. It's important to assemble a cleaning kit reserved exclusively for reptile habitat cleaning. You don't want to mix these tools with your regular household cleaning supplies. How often you clean your reptile's cage depends on the size of your pet's habitat. In general, you will probably need to perform daily cleanings for spills, uneaten food, shredded skin, feces and disinfecting food and water dishes. In addition, a deep cage cleaning is suggested once per week. This includes cleaning terrarium décor. The Exo Terra Clarity & Odor Control Moss Ball is a convenient way to keep turtle habitats clean. Kaytee Clean Cage Small Animal Habitat Deodorizer helps remove cage odors to help keep your home smelling fresh. Hartz Cage Wipes are another great way to wipe down your pet's cage, and keep it odor-free. For a deep clean, try Fluker's Super Scrub Reptile Cleaner as a reptile disinfectant. The integrated brush helps you scrub the tank and terrarium accessories clean. The organic cleaner safely dissolves dirt and grime and the natural enzymes help keep cages, branches, rocks and plastic vines odor-free. Cleaning a reptile terrarium might not be fun, but it is important. When cleaning a snake terrarium, start by removing all decorations in the cage. Bag and discard disposable substrate, and clean all cage surfaces with soap and hot water. Find great deals on reptile food, reptile heat lamps and all other reptile supplies right here at Chewy's online pet store.

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