Cat Clipper Blades & Blade Care

Cats are natural self-grooming pets. You feline friend enjoys licking herself clean, and does it quite frequently. As helpful as it may be, all that licking can cause hair balls to form in her tiny body. Cat grooming tools like cat hair clippers or cat shears, can keep hair short and reduce hair balls. By keeping your furry friend's hair short, you also reduce the time you spend cleaning up fur balls from around your home. The coats of longhaired cat breeds easily mat and tangle, so grooming is a must. Keeping your cat's coat short makes it easier for you to identify ticks and fleas before it becomes a major problem. Frequent use of cat grooming products helps desensitize your cat to being handled by humans as well. Your pet hair trimmer blades will need replacing over time. Cat shaver blades come in a variety of sizes, addressing the length of your cat's fur. The Andis 8-piece Chrome Plated Magnetic Comb Set features hair trimmer blades that effortlessly create faster, smoother cutting action. The combo set includes the top selling sizes and blades that secure into place with a powerful magnet. For short hair cat breeds, consider the Andis 9-piece Small Comb Set. These cat shaver blades are perfect for getting into areas where you want hair to be short like under the arms, belly or rear end. Grooming your feline friend is an important part of being a pet parent. Find everything you need to maintain your kitty's shiny coat at Chewy's online pet store.

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