Dog Collar Charms

A dog collar is something that your pup wears every day, so it’s important to give him a collar that shows off his style. A fun way to bring out your dog’s personality is by adding a collar charm to his collar.

Chewy has a wide selection of dog collar charms that can help you ensure that your pup is always looking his best. The Parisian Pet 10mm slider rhinestone crown collar charm is a sparkly, rhinestone-adorned crown, making it the perfect accessory for the little furry princess in your life. You can personalize your dog’s collar by spelling out your pup’s name or nickname with collar charms with the Parisian Pet 10mm slider rhinestone letter collar charms.

These charms slide onto a dog’s collar and attach easily and securely. The letters can be mixed and matched with other charms in a variety of fun ways. Adding dog charms is a unique way to jazz up a plain and boring collar, and they can go on a variety of dog collars.

Your dog will turn heads as he struts down the street with a collar that is accessorized with a variety of playful dog charms. Find the best dog charms, dog ID tags ans other dog supplies at Chewy's online pet shop.

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