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Online Vet Help Is Just a Click Away

Get timely advice from our licensed veterinary team and leave with a personalized consult report. Virtual consults are a supplement to clinic visits—we don’t prescribe or diagnose.

Free live chat for instant advice

Free for Chewy customers.

Unlimited number of sessions.

Exchange messages, pictures and videos with an online vet or vet tech.

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Video call for scheduled help

$19.99 per 20-minute video call.

Free with certain CarePlus* plans.

Have a face-to-face conversation with an online vet or vet tech.

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No Question Is Too Big or Small

Our licensed veterinary team is here 7 days a week to provide their expertise via chat or video call.

Health Concerns

Online vets and vet techs talk through your pet’s symptoms and provide information about illnesses, allergies, injuries and more.

Lifelong Well-Being

Learn how to support your pet’s well-being at every age, from supplements to dental care.

Food and Nutrition

We'll help take the guesswork out of food and treats for your cat or dog.

Behavior Questions

Find out how to bring out your pet's best behavior, plus tips for everything from potty training to walking on a leash.

Ask a Virtual Vet

Connect Now

Peace of Mind From Home

Get reassurance from Chewy via FREE chat or with a scheduled video call.

Experienced Professionals

Our vets and vet techs are licensed, experienced and passionate about helping pets and pet parents.

Personalized Advice

We take time to understand your pet and create a personalized consult report.

Convenient Online Care

Get guidance from online vets and vet techs without stressful travel.

One Stop for Pet Health

Get curated suggestions for pet items and shop at great prices.

★★★★★ 4.9/5 Star Reviews | 200K+ Consults

“This feature is so nice to be able to get immediate answers for all my questions. Thank you Chewy!”  Michael T. | NY

“I'm so impressed with this service! This reassurance and wise advice is priceless!” Angela C. | NC

“What an awesome service! It's so nice to know I can contact a vet for advice without having to put my dog through a stressful (and expensive) vet visit.” Alta S. | ID

Please note that the testimonial reviews are based on an NPS scale of 10 which has been converted to a 5 point scale.

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What is Connect with a Vet?

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*Not available for CarePlus 'Accident Only' or 'Wellness' plan customers