Cat Covered Beds

A covered cat bed is great for outdoor cats. A covered bed keeps your cat warm and cozy during the winter, and dry during rainy season. It's also a fun and safe place for your cat to play. For a simple and functional cat bed with a covered top, consider the K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House. Made of denier nylon and vinyl backing, this kitty house is waterproof, which makes it great for outdoor use. Whether on your deck or in your backyard, give your feline friend a covered place to rest. The roof hangs over both doors, making it a warm, safe and dry place for cats to hang. K&H Pet Products offer a variety of styles, including a large covered cat bed that can fit multiple cats for multi-cat households. For a soft and cozy place for your purring pet to rest, consider an Armarkat covered cat bed. Armarkat cat beds) offer a variety of covered beds or cat caves in soothing colors your cat will enjoy. Your cuddly kitty will love burying her body inside these cozy covered cat beds. For creative designs, consider the PetRageous Designs Cat Cave. This adorable ladybug design is a cute and cuddly place for your cat to rest. Cats sleep during the day, and a covered cat bed helps them get shut eye even on the sunniest of days. Help your cat get the rest she needs with stylish and comfortable covered cat beds from Chewy's online cat shop.

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