Dog Crate Mats & Pads

Dog crates can create a place of safety and security for puppies and adult dogs alike, especially if crate trained from a young age. But without a soft, cushy crate mat or dog bed, your dog will be left resting her head on a cold, hard, plastic or wire floor. Add a level of comfort to your dog crate or dog carrier with a range of options that will keep your dog happy while confined for crate training, travel, or anytime restriction is necessary.

Available with a variety of fabrics and features, it’s important to pick the right crate mat for your four-legged friend. If you’re looking for a mat that will hold up to rigorous use, chewing and scratching, go with a more durable material like sherpa - a thick polyester dog mat made to resemble sheepskin. Frisco offers a popular pet mat made with ultra-soft sherpa for a foam padded dog mat for durable comfort you and your dog will appreciate. If you’re more concerned with the highest level of softness try a plush material, great for puppies and older or less active dogs. MidWest has a cushy pet mat made with plush, ultra-soft, luxurious micro terry material for a super soft resting place.

Many dog crate mats feature a non-skid, rubber backings that help keep them in place inside your pet's crate, even if you have an excitable pup who quickly runs into and out from her kennel. Like the mats offered by Precision Pet Products, K&H Pet Products and more. If you have an especially slobbery doggy or just prefer a simpler cleaning experience, look for crate mats that are waterproof, machine washable and dryer safe for quick and easy washing - many of them are. Do you live in a cooler climate or have a drafty home? Go with a heated pad. They can come with fabric covers for an all-in-one solution, or you can simply purchase the heating element for use in conjunction with a standard dog crate mat. And if you have a passion for fashion, look for crate mats with fun designs, like those offered by MidWest, Dog Gone Smart and others.

With a range of materials and benefits, complete your dog crate or dog carrier with the comfort and benefits of a dog crate mat that you can find on Chewy today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Crate Mats & Pads

Do dogs need a mat or a pad in their crate?

Dogs need a mat or a pad in their crate to relax more comfortably and feel secure. The hard plastic floor pan in most crates can be uncomfortable and tough on paws and claws, and having a warm, padded place to rest can create a den-like feel your pup will love. Mats and pads can also absorb excess moisture to keep your best friend more comfortable and prevent unexpected spills during travel.

What is the best dog crate mat or pad?

The best dog crate mat or pad should be lightweight, portable, breathable and comfortable for your pup. Look for features like water resistance or chew resistance if accidents or chewing behaviors are likely to be an issue. Dogs in warmer climates may appreciate a cooling dog crate pad, while those in cooler temperatures may enjoy an insulated or self-warming mat. Machine washable materials are a must for easy care, as well.