Dog Crates & Kennels

The best dog crates and kennels are made to comfortably fit the size of your pup. Picking the right kennel for your dog can make all the difference since they help reduce the number of accidents around the house as well as general separation anxiety symptoms. His crate can become a place where he feels a sense of security, solitude and peace. It can be a good idea to add toys and a fluffy pet bed for added relaxation. There are several types of enclosures that can be used including plastic dog kennels, soft-sided dog crates, wooden dog crates and the classic wire dog crates. Chewy also carries different products to make your pup more comfortable in their crate or kennel including dog crate mats as well as dog crate covers & accessories.

The best dog kennels should serve multiple purposes for you and your dog. They should be durable and also easy to assemble and to disassemble when on the go, see our dog carriers for options like this. Whether you’re off on your next adventure or having company over for dinner, shop the best dog kennels and dog crates here on Chewy to best suit your needs. In addition to dog crates and furniture, Chewy has low prices on all your dog supplies including dog food, dog treats and more. Trust Chewy for all your online pet supplies needs!

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