Cat Crates, Pens & Gates

Find high quality cat cages & kennels, cat gates and cat playpens from brands like Petmate, Firstrax, and MidWest. Forget that boring feline crate of yesterday. Today's cat crates are stylish and fun. Cat travel products such as cat carriers don't have to bring on a traumatic experience for your feline friend. Pick a cat travel crate that speaks to your classy cat's personality. Cat crates come in a variety of materials. You can select a durable plastic cat carrier or an easy to store soft sided cat crate. Or, invest in a large cat crate for the classy cat who demands more space during long flights. When it comes to indoor play, an indoor cat gate may be the best option for pet parents of a curious cat. And cat gates can keep kitties from exploring and marking while you're away. Keep cats out of rooms with expensive furniture or clothing that could potentially be ruined by your clawing kitty. Chewy carries cat gates from top rated brands like Carlson Pet Products, MidWest and MyPet. Cat gates are easy to install and transport so you can move them from room to room as necessary. Cat pens come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Chewy carries top cat pen brands like Frisco, IRIS and Pet Gear. Pet Gear manufactures unique pet pens made of durable nylon instead of plastic or metal. Pet Gear cat pens are vented for air circulation, water-resistant for easy clean up, and perfect for traveling. Their foldable design makes them easy to store when not in use. Shop Chewy now for high quality cat kennels, crates, pens and gates today. And be sure to stock up on cat essentials like the best cat food, cat water fountains, cat litter and cat litter boxes including numerous automatic self-cleaning litter box options.

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