Human-Grade Dehydrated Dog Food

We want to give our pups the best dog food possible, and one that he’s sure to like. But with so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. Human-grade dog food is a great choice, because it’s made with ingredients of the same quality that you’d find in the grocery store.

Human-grade dog food comes in different forms, but the dehydrated version is a healthy dog food that has gone through minimal processing. That means it still has all the good stuff, including natural flavors and beneficial nutrients. And because it’s human-grade, you can rest assured that it meets the FDA’s standards for people food. So you know that with human-grade dog food, you’re feeding the best dog food with the highest quality ingredients.

The Honest Kitchen brand delivers 100% human-grade dog food that’s also dehydrated. This healthy dog food is less time-consuming to make and easier to serve than a raw or homemade diet, but still gives your pet premium nutrition. Grocery-quality fresh meat, fish and produce start off every recipe, and these ingredients go through a gentle process of dehydration. Moisture is removed, but not the protein, amino acids, omegas, vitamins and minerals that come from real meats, fruits and veggies. With dehydrated dog food, you can still see the natural, vibrant colors of the ingredients that went into the recipe. And they still have all of their valuable nutrients that get passed on to your pet.

Dehydrated dog food is really convenient to serve. Just scoop out the right amount, add some warm water, wait a few minutes, and let your eager pup devour every last bite. It’s shelf-stable for easy storage and doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Dehydrated human-grade dog food makes a great alternative to kibble or canned foods. Why not try it out?

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