Calming Diffusers & Sprays for Dogs

Dogs can experience anxiety from everyday things like the sound of thunder, a stranger knocking on the front door, a run-in with another pet in the neighborhood, the hum of the vacuum cleaner, or a trip to the veterinarian. Even if you try to remove these stressors, it is inevitable that he will occasionally experience these common triggers.

Left untreated, dog anxiety can lead to a variety of behavioral issues. Chewy offers a variety of products that can help calm dogs. Dog calming diffusers and dog calming sprays can go a long way in helping your pup to relax and feel more comfortable with daily stressors.

ThunderSpray Calming Spray for dogs mimics a mother dog’s natural pheromones and provides your pup with the soothing scent of lavender and chamomile. The Adaptil diffuser starter kit is a dog calming diffuser that offers a natural means of easing dog anxiety. Simply plug it into the wall to release a synthetic version of a dog-appeasing pheromone into a 530-750 square foot area for up to four weeks at a time. And the Pet Remedy Natural De-Stress & Calming plug-in diffuser contains a clinically proven, natural essential oil blend of valerian, vertivert, sweet basil and sage.

Using a dog calming diffuser or a dog calming spray is a natural and safe way to treat dog anxiety. Chewy has a wide selection of dog calming products in addition to sprays and diffusers like dog anxiety vests, dog calming collars, dog calming supplements and dog calming treats. Shop Chewy for all your pet supplies.

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