Cat Disposable Litter Boxes

Traveling with your cat litter box can be extremely inconvenient. If traveling by plane, it gives you one other item to have to check in addition to all your other cat supplies. If driving to your destination, a cat litter box can cause quite a stinky ride. Not to mention, who wants to be cleaning up your cat’s covered cat litter box while you’re on vacation? Disposable cat litter boxes can be tossed out when your cat’s done doing her business or you’re headed back home. Whether you have a tiny kitty or chubby cat, Chewy carries the best disposable cat litter box for your cat. There are cardboard disposable cat litter box options and eco-friendly ones as well. The Nature’s Miracle jumbo disposable cat litter box is large enough for multi-cat families. Designed with baking soda, these disposable cat litter pans neutralize odors. They are also eco-friendly. Disposable cat litter boxes are perfect for when you’re on the go visiting friends and family or going on a vacation. When you’re not on-the-go, Chewy carries other convenient cat litter solutions. If you are tired of cleaning up after your cat does her business, buying self-cleaning cat litter boxes could be life-changing. Stop cleaning cat litter boxes and spend more time playing with your cat. Prevent litter box odor from traveling throughout your home with enclosed cat litter boxes. A hidden cat litter box blends in with your home décor. Visitors won’t even know you have a cat. The Breeze cat litter box uses litter pellets suspended over a super-absorbent litter pad to achieve powerful odor control. The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze cat litter box system also contains a grated floor that allows moisture to wick down to the disposable pad. Solid waste is captured in the pellets for easy clean up with litter box scoops. Reduce clean up with cat litter mats that trap and prevent litter dust from being tracked all over your home. Finally, litter box deodorizers fight and neutralize litter box odors, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. Shop for all your cat litter needs and you can also stock up on all the best cat food, including canned wet cat food and tasty dry cat food as well.

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