Dog Houses

Sometimes being in the dog house isn’t a bad thing—at least not when you’re a dog. Having a place of your own to relax, sleep and hang out in is definitely a perk for pups of all kinds. Humans might have only recently discovered the appeal of tiny homes, but canines are den dwellers by nature. Dogs feel right at home in their own cozy enclosures, whether they’re indoor dog houses or outside dog kennels. Chewy has plenty of dog house options, from the rustic wooden dog house to modern plastic dog houses. Made for pups who love the great outdoors, our wooden dog houses resemble tiny log cabins, and they’re made from solid wood like cedar, pine or fir. These structures are super sturdy, built with stainless steel hardware and raised off the ground to keep paws dry. Some feature a traditional roof with a shingle pattern, and others have a sloped roof that keeps rain from pooling. Wooden dog houses are sealed with a weatherproof finish inside and out, protecting your pet from cold winds and rain. There are even special two-story homes with balconies for smaller pets that like to sprawl out in the sun or just climb up higher for a better view. These wooden dog houses are great for the yard or could also be used as indoor dog houses. Durable and modern, our plastic dog houses come in neutral colors and provide a safe haven for dogs of every size. They make the perfect dog houses for large dogs or small breeds, with sizes from extra-small to large to fit dogs up to 90 pounds. Plastic dog houses won’t rot, are easy to clean and fade-resistant, and have rear or side vents to let air flow through. Whether you’re shopping for a small dog house or big dog houses, you’ll find just the right place for your pup to call home. Shop Chewy's pet shop for all of your dog supplies including dog food, dog treats, dog beds and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Houses

Do dog houses keep dogs warm?

Dog houses keep dogs warm by sheltering them from the elements. For cooler climates, look for insulated outdoor dog houses and dog igloos with door flaps or small entry openings to keep warmth trapped inside and cold rain and snow safely out. You can also find outdoor-safe dog warming mats to add extra heat in cooler weather. Be cautious during extremely low temperatures and during damp weather, as hypothermia may be a concern in these conditions. Talk to your vet about appropriate warming measures and always monitor the weather if you are considering leaving your canine outside.

How big should a dog house be?

A dog house for a should be roughly 25% longer and taller than he is. Measure your dog from head to ground for the height measurement and from nose to tail base for the length measurement. Then, add approximately 25% to each measurement to get the right height and length dimensions. Be careful not to choose a dog house that is more than 50% taller or considerably longer than your dog, or he may have trouble keeping warm inside. Be sure the door opening is large enough—but not too large—for your dog to exit and enter comfortably.

What are the best dog houses?

The best dog houses will be suited to the climate you live in, appropriately sized for your dog and made of sturdy, weatherproof materials. Look for good ventilation in warmer climates and insulation if you routinely experience cooler weather. You can choose from both indoor dog houses and outdoor dog houses. Raised dog houses can keep dirt, pests and moisture from getting in, too. Choose from classic slanted-roof dog houses, dog igloos, and styles and materials like wood, plastic or metal. You can even find gazebo or canopy styles to protect dogs in warm climates from the sun.