Cat-Themed Kitchen Accessories

It’s pretty much a rule that a cat lover must have a favorite cat mug or cat cup, or several. Bring some humor to your workplace with your own cat coffee mug that you can easily recognize in the break room and will never get lost. If you’re not a morning person, don’t worry—your cat mug will speak volumes about your fondness for felines. You can never have too many cat cups, but if your cupboard is already overflowing, check out our other cat décor kitchenware, like cat tea towels and cat measuring cups.

Upgrade your drinkware options with ceramic or earthenware cat mugs that match your cat-loving personality. Some are adorned with beautiful, realistic illustrations of different cat breeds and others have actual cat photos printed on the outside. Or you can go for the quirkier cat mug styles with wild-looking cats that say “catffeinated” or doodle drawings of tiny cat faces.

For home bakers, cooks and foodies, our cat measuring cups and cat tea towels make original gifts for cat lovers. There are plenty of other cat-themed gifts, like kitty wine bottle holders and wine glass markers that are actually cats that hang onto the side of the glass. Have fun browsing our intriguing assortment of kitty kitchenware, and don’t forget to shop for cat lover gifts for your friends!

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