Veterinary Dry Dog Food

Sometimes a regular weight control, limited ingredient dog food or sensitive skin dog food, or one that touts its benefits for the heart or urinary tract just isn't enough to deal with your dog's issue. That's when it's time to think about trying a prescription dog food. You might have some reservations or questions about switching your pet to this type of diet, and that's exactly why you're here—to find out everything you need to know about prescription dog food. On Chewy's site, you'll find a whole section devoted to prescription dog food. That's right—you don't have to stop by your veterinarian's office anymore if you need to pick up a bag. Now you can order it through Chewy and have pet food delivery right to you, after you've gotten a valid prescription from your vet. So the first, and most important step, is making the appointment to see your pet's veterinarian to discuss your pup's health. She can help you determine if your dog needs to start a prescription dog food, and if so, which one would be best. If you currently feed your pal a dry dog food, she might have you transition to a prescription dry dog food to make it easier to switch. These foods typically have corresponding prescription wet dog food that you can try, too—with your vet's approval and feeding instructions. Some of the health problems that can be managed with a prescription dry dog food are itchy, sensitive skin caused by food allergies or environmental irritants; problems with the heart, kidney or liver; recurring urinary tract infections caused by stones and crystals; poor digestion; worn-down joints; and pets that are overweight. All of these formulas have recipes that are clinically proven to help pets with a specific issue. And not to fear—these formulas are also made to be appealing to your dog, so she'll actually want to eat her new food. So check out some of Chewy's prescription dry dog foods, and talk to your vet about possibly switching. If you do end up with a new prescription, just send it in when you order, and we'll take care of the rest!

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