Dry Veterinary Cat Food

If you're reading about prescription cat food, chances are your kitty has some sort of health issue that could benefit from it. And if you're used to feeding dry, you might be considering a prescription dry cat food. You're probably used to seeing them on shelves in the waiting room at the vet's office. But now, you can order them from Chewy, your online pet store, and have them shipped right to you. All you need is a prescription from your veterinarian. Prescription dry cat food is recommended when cats have certain serious ailments, and your vet believes it will help. Your pet's diet has a serious effect on your pet's health, just like what you eat can really affect your own health. So it makes sense to use a therapeutic prescription cat food to treat certain issues. When your vet prescribes a veterinary diet, it works the same way as when a doctor puts you on a certain medicine. Prescription dry cat food helps treat a major health condition with food, and you should feed it just like you would a medication. That means following the recommended feeding guidelines exactly without mixing it with other cat food or cat treats. It won't be effective it you don't, and that doesn't help you or your cat.When you're ready to start your kitty on a prescription dry cat food, make an appointment with the vet first. Before you go, check out some of the options on Chewy that pertain to your cat's health condition. The veterinarian will probably give you some pamphlets also, and will help you decide which formula is best. Hill's Prescription Diet cat food and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet cat food are two top prescription cat food brands that are available on our site. They have formulas that address weight control, food sensitivities, digestive care, urinary tract infections, thyroid disorders, skin problems and dental health.Go ahead and make that vet appointment so you can get your cat started on the right prescription cat food for his specific issues. And then you can find it on Chewy!

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