Dry Cat Food for Hip & Joint Care

Cat joint health starts with good nutrition, but not just any dry cat food will do. Cats are intuitive creatures, who have an extreme awareness of what they like, making it hard to feed your kitty the necessary nutrients she needs. Your cat's joints age along with her, causing your furry friend pain as she plays. Joint pain can cause cats to suffer and refrain from the activities they love. Degenerative joint disease in cats can occur in felines who have had traumatic injuries to their joint, have had a joint infection, or needed joint surgery at some point in their lifetime. Cat joint disease is a result of gradual, irreversible deterioration of the cartilage inside the joints. Osteoarthritis is another disease that can attack your cat's joints. Food products can help treat arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids help control inflammation and block the enzymes that break down cartilage in cat joints. Dry cat foods rich in omega-3s can help fight osteoarthritis in pets. On Chewy you can shop dry cat food for hip care and joint support from brands like IAMS cat food, Purina cat food, Wellness cat food and Hill's Prescription Diet cat food. IAMS ProActive Health Senior dry cat food helps cats fight the signs of aging with essential nutrients and antioxidants that build immunity. Help your senior cat achieve the joint and bone health of a young kitten with a dry cat food recipe created to nourish bones and joints. Purina ONE dry cat food for seniors comes in a variety of flavors including real salmon and chicken. Save your furry friend from joint pain. Shop the best dry cat food for joint care from Chewy's online cat store where you can find the best pet products.

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