Dry Cat Food

The best dry cat food continues to be the most economical and convenient way to feed your feline friend. Cat kibble is a basic, healthy and balanced choice for cat parents. Unlike canned wet cat food, cat kibble does not require refrigeration after opening. It’s also safe to leave out all day for cats to snack and graze on. This makes dry cat food perfect for pet parents who spend most of the day away from home. Dry cat food is also easy to travel with. Chewy carries a wide range of dry cat food brands like Taste of the Wild dry cat food, Purina, Blue Buffalo and Royal Canin dry cat food. Dry cat food is a simple choice for many pet owners, but with so many varieties out there, how do you choose the right one for your cuddly kitty? First, consider your cat’s age. Some dry cat food formulas are made for specific life stages, such as dry kitten food, senior dry cat food, and adult dry cat food, while others provide proper nutrition for cats of all ages, which is great for multiple-cat households. Activity level is also an important factor when deciding on a cat kibble, and there are many weight control dry cat food options for adult and mature cats. There is even dry cat food for indoor cats, gluten free dry cat food and high protein dry cat food. One of the most important factors when choosing a cat kibble, is protein flavor and whether or not it appeals to your cat’s palate. Choosing the healthiest dry cat food isn’t based on any one factor, but is instead based on the specific needs of your feline. If your kitty has a grain allergy, look for grain-free dry cat food varieties to satisfy your cat without unwanted gastrointestinal side effects. There are also kibble varieties for kitties with sensitive stomachs. Healthy dry cat food for sensitive stomachs contains prebiotics and probiotics to promote digestive health. Remember to allow the proper transition time as you try out different cat kibble and settle on the best dry cat food for your kitty’s needs. Shop top rated dry cat food brands, as well as great cat trees & towers, cat carriers, and cat litter boxes at the online cat supplies store at Chewy!

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