Human-Grade Dry Dog Food

What you feed your canine companion is vital to her health. Feeding your four-legged friend low-quality dog food can lead to health issues like obesity, poor joint health, skin conditions and more. It’s important that your dog’s diet reflects her health needs. Your veterinarian can help determine what kind of diet your dog needs and if she needs a specific type of dog food such as prescription dog food. A dog’s nutritional needs also change as she grows and matures. A puppy has very different nutritional needs from an adult dog and a senior older dog. Some pet parents make home-made dog food, while others prefer to feed their pets human grade dog food. Human grade is a term used to describe finished products that are legally suitable and approved for human consumption or edible by the USDA. Chewy has the best human grade dried dog food your canine will love. Among the best human-grade dog food brands is Tylee’s. They make a variety of human grade dog treats and foods including human grade dehydrated dog food like jerky snacks. Your dog will enjoy Tylee’s Human-Grade Chicken Jerky Dog Treats made with high-quality delicious chicken. For a wholesome meal, consider feeding your dog human grade whole dog food like Tylee’s Human-Grade Beef Frozen Dog Food made with human-grade ingredients you’d find at the grocery store. Dogs love stews too. Treat your dog to human grade dog stews for her next meal. From dog food to dog supplies, find everything your pup needs 24/7 at Chewy’s online pet store today.

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