Dog Training Dummies

Some types of dogs, such as Labradors, were bred for the sake of retrieving. These pups can keep hunters company while out in the field and help them to retrieve game during a hunt. For dog owners who are looking to turn their pup into a hunting companion, a dog training dummy may come in handy. Dog training dummies are training tools that a pet owner can toss into a field or body of water to train their dog to go in and retrieve it. Most of these dog fetch toys are made to mimic the feel of having an actual bird in their mouth and therefore can help pups learn to bring game back to their owner. In addition, dog training dummies often have plastic nubs or are crafted from specific materials that help a future retrieving dog to learn not to bite down too hard on prey.

An owner can toss one of these dog training dummies into a field and call for their dog to fetch it. Once a dog picks it up, a hunter would then use the command of “drop it.” Such a command can be reinforced with the use of a dog training clicker or if the dog is retrieving from far away, owners can use a dog training whistle. Then you’ll want to reward your pup with lots of dog treats.

Chewy offers a variety of dog sport training dummies for the active dog in your life. The KONG training dummy for dogs is a highly visible dog training dummy that floats in water and can also be retrieved on land. The SportDOG 50/50 plastic dog training dummy is a dog fetch toy that is made to stand out in any terrain. Its plastic knobs are specifically designed to teach a pup to use a softer grip, making it great for training a future hunting companion. Shop Chewy's online pet store for all your dog supplies.

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