Dog Dummy Launchers Systems

Dog training launchers are automated machines that can toss a dog sport training dummy long distances and repeatedly perform the action over and over again.

In addition to being a good source of exercise for a pet, a dog launcher can simulate a bird or other prey falling down after a hunter shoots it, which can help a four-legged hunting companion to learn how to retrieve it and bring it back to their owner. These launchers can also toss dog training dummies or even game far across a field, getting your pup ready for the real event.

Chewy offers a variety of dog launchers and dog training accessories that will benefit both pups and their owners. The SportDOG SD launcher kit remote launcher system for dog training allows a pet owner to remotely control the launch of a dog sport training dummy. Its receiver can even emit the sound of a duck quack, pheasant cackle or shotgun report, making it a realistic dog training device for hunting dogs. And the SportDog SD-Basket-R dog training launcher basket includes up to 80 hours of battery life and is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet. Chewy also offers dog training launcher accessories such as external speakers, remote transmitters and receivers, and dog launcher transmitters.

Shop Chewy's online pet store for a wide variety of dog sport training products including dog training launchers, dog training whistles, dog training clickers, dog training leashes and more.

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