Dust Free Cat Litter

For cats and people with asthma or allergies, finding a good dust-free cat litter is a must. Even homes without allergy sufferers will prefer not seeing litter box dust in the air and on every surface. Luckily, Chewy carries a wide range of dust-free cat litter options to help your whole family breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner home. In fact, there’s such a dizzying array of low-dust cat litter options, you may wonder where to begin! Start by figuring out what type of litter your cat prefers. Does she like scented cat litter, or does it have to be unscented cat litter if you want her to regularly use the box? Does she enjoy the super-clean box that clumping cat litter provides or does she do fine with non clumping cat litter? There are many dustless varieties of all these, and you can find them using the handy filters on the Chewy site. And don’t forget to consider your own preferences when filling and cleaning the cat litter boxes! Some people prefer the back-saving wonders of lightweight cat litter, while others insist on the convenience of flushable cat litter once they’ve tried it. Still, others enjoy knowing they’re using only natural cat litter for its eco-friendliness. There are also dust-free crystal litters and formulas specially formulated for respiratory relief, including the paper-based litters vets recommend after surgery. Find the right cat litter and all your cat supplies at Chewy’s online pet supplies store 24/7.

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