Electronic Cat Toys

Although they spend most of the day napping, even house cats come awake in the evenings to hunt their prey—which happens to be cat toys. Traditional toys like cat balls or a toy mouse can capture a feline’s interest, but electronic cat toys offer a hunting scenario that’s even more satisfying. These toys have the added elements of motion, sounds and lights that can keep kitties on the prowl for prey and make playtime last longer. Hence our great selection of laser cat toys, robot cat toys and moving cat toys.

If you’re looking for great kitten toys or the best interactive cat toys for indoor cats, try out some of our electronic cat toys. Cats who will never give up the ongoing pursuit of the sneaky red dot will definitely love an automated cat laser toy. Your kitty will stay busy chasing the laser that seems to move on its own in an unpredictable and exciting pattern. For the best mouser cats, surprise them with an electronic mouse toy. These modern versions of the classic toy mouse will scurry through the house just like a real mouse, but without the scare. Does your kitty prefer feathers? Then go with SmartyKat’s motorized feather toy that spins around, causing a flurry of feathers to soar through the air. Cats that like to bat around ball toys will go scurrying down the hall for Jackson Galaxy’s LED ball toys and the Petlinks Flash Dance Touch-Activated Light Ball. Even fans of cat tunnels can enjoy an electronic upgrade with the Petlinks Twinkle Chute that lights up and blinks. With all of the best electronic cat toys in one place, you’ll have everything you need for a happy and healthy cat, and be sure to also stock up on the best cat food including canned wet cat food, as well as essentials like cat litter or a cat litter box.

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