Extra Large Cat Trees & Condos

Cats need physical stimulation as much as dogs do to stay healthy. One way to motivate your kitty to get active is by giving her a cat tree to climb. Cat trees provide an ultimate spot for cats to lounge, leap, scratch, hunt, perch and hide – everything cats love to do. Extra large cat trees mean even more fun for your furry friend. There are cat trees for extra large cats, because big cats like to climb too! Chewy has a wide variety of XL cat trees to keep your cat entertained for hours. The Frisco 72-inch cat tree features a lookout tower, carefully placed dangling toys, ten enticing scratching posts and two scratch board ramps. Another great large cat tree is the GoPetClub 80-inch cat tree. Featuring three hanging toys and a hanging rope to play with, this tree is big enough for multiple cats to play and not get in each other’s way. These cat trees for large cats provide the space your cat needs to stay healthy and happy, but there are small cat trees for kitties too. For cats somewhere in the middle, there are medium cat trees as well. For a stylish cat tree that complements your home decor, consider modern cat furniture. If you don’t have space in your home for extra large cat trees, cat scratching posts can prevent your kitty from scratching up your home. There are 20-inch cat trees, cat posts and towers. For the cat that dreams of towering above her friends and foe, consider cat perches for her entertainment. Some kitties seek places to hide. Give your kitty refuge with cat houses from Chewy.com. If your cat likes to rest on your bed, make getting there safer with cat stairs. Find everything for your purring pet from cat food to the perfect cat toys at Chewy’s online pet store. Shop now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Extra Large Cat Trees & Condos

What is the best cat tree for extra-large cats?

The best cat tree for extra-large cats will need to have sturdy construction and a very stable base. Look for models with a wide foundation and larger platforms that provide more room for jumping, landing and lounging comfortably. Some larger cats may have trouble jumping to and from higher heights, so you may want to consider a cat tree with a lower profile for them.

What is the largest cat tree available?

The largest cat tree available will usually be a floor-to-ceiling model that adjusts to touch the ceiling for good stability. Most of these will be well over 8 feet tall and feature multiple levels with places to perch and play. The largest cat trees—those in the extra-large cat tree category—usually exceed 70 inches in height and feature sturdy materials and construction as well as a wide base.

How can I make my extra-large cat tree more stable?

You can make your extra-large cat tree more stable by placing it flush against a wall for support. If that still doesn’t help, try anchoring it to a wall using an L-shaped metal bracket. Extra-large cat trees that wobble may just need to be moved to an area where the floor is more level, or you may need to have someone handy attach the tree to a wider base. See the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure you’ve assembled and anchored your tree according to all directions.