Farm Animal Supplies

Most people think of Chewy as an online pet store and pet pharmacy, but we’re a full-fledged farm store, too! You’ll find a great selection of farm animal supplies on our site including farm feed, farm animal treats and farm animal health and wellness products along with all the dog supplies you need for your working dogs and pets. Whether you’re a backyard chicken keeper looking for chicken feed and coop supplies for laying hens or a rancher looking for the best show cattle feed or livestock fodder for your steers and heifers, you’ll have no trouble finding what you need in our online farm animal store. There’s even a section of pig feed, with food for pet mini pigs and pot belly pigs alongside feed for show pigs and porcine livestock. And the selection doesn’t stop there—shop for all the farm supplies on your list in our online store, from feed pans, waterers and cleaning products to hatching mats, nursing bottles and more. Whatever animal care products you happen to need, you’ll always have an easy time finding and ordering them from!

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