Guinea Pig Feeders & Bowls

Keeping your guinea pigs well fed and healthy means having lots of fresh food and hay available at all times. That means you’ll need to have a variety of guinea pig feeders on hand, including guinea pig bowls and a hay rack for feeding fresh timothy hay. You can find a great selection of the best guinea pig bowls and feeders at, along with all the food, hay and treats you’ll need to keep them full for your piggies. Read on to learn what you need to know before you buy.

Guinea pigs should be fed a diet consisting of lots of hay, pelleted food, fresh greens and veggies and occasional treats. A hay feeder will make keeping your piggies’ hay supply fresh, clean and dry and can help contain messes better than bowls. A hay rack that attaches to the side of the cage or a free-standing wheel design will probably work best, although you can make DIY guinea pig feeding tubes for hay out of old toilet paper or paper towel cardboard cores, too.

You’ll need one or two guinea pig bowls to feed pellets and fresh veggies as well, so look for chew-proof bowls that are tip-resistant or fasten onto the cage. Guinea pigs are famous for upending their bowls and chewing everything they can get their teeth on, so make sure to choose bowls that are safe for them and spill-proof to avoid messes and wasted food. You can also find gravity-fed pellet feeders to provide a constant supply of food for your pets, as well as combination hay and pellet feeders that save space.

A good guinea pig water bottle is a must, as well, since you always need to have fresh, clean water available for your furry friends. You may also want to hang a dispenser for guinea pig treats in your guinea pig cage to encourage fun snacking and play. Chewy has all the guinea pig supplies you need to feed your pets properly and the healthy guinea pig food you’ll need to fill them with. Shop our great selection of guinea pig feeders and get ready to watch your buddies pig out in style!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do guinea pigs knock over their food bowls?

Guinea pigs knock over their food bowls mainly out of a playful instinct, so you shouldn’t get too worried if you see this behavior. It’s in their nature to chew on them and accidentally flip them over. You can avoid messes and wasted food by getting a tip-proof or heavy bowl or by using a feeder that fastens to the cage.

What is the best food bowl for guinea pigs?

The best food bowl for guinea pigs will be a tip-resistant, chew-proof bowl that’s easy for your pets to eat from. The Living World Pink Ergonomic Small Pet Dish, Small has a comfortable slanted design, or try the Oxbow No Tip Small Animal Bowl for extra tip-resistance.

Can guinea pigs drink out of a bowl?

Guinea pigs can drink out of a bowl, and older or ill animals may find it easier than drinking out a water bottle. However, a water bottle will usually hold more water than a bowl, keep the water cleaner and avoid getting tipped over by playful guinea pigs. You can experiment and see which water delivery system your guinea pigs prefer, or just offer both a bottle and a bowl of water to play it safe.

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