Gerbil Feeders & Bowls

Keeping your gerbils properly fed and healthy means having gerbil food available for them at all times. Gerbil feeders and gerbil food bowls will let you feed your little buddies with minimal mess and help you keep track of how much your gerbils are eating. Chewy carries a great selection of gerbil bowls and feeders, including cage-mounted designs, tip-resistant styles and gravity-fed feeders.

You’ll probably want one or two gerbil bowls to feed pellets and fresh veggies. Gerbils will chew anything you put in their habitat, so make sure to choose bowls that are safe for chewing and tip-resistant. You can also look for bowls that fasten onto the cage to avoid spills. Bowls made of ceramic or chew-resistant plastic are good choices, and cage-mounted designs that release easily for filling and cleaning will make your life easier. You can also find gravity-fed pellet feeders that provide a constant supply of food for your pets.

Hay racks aren’t necessary for gerbils, and many people just mix hay into their gerbil bedding or set it in piles for their gerbils to chew and nest in. A hay rack can make things tidier for your gerbils, and you can find many styles, including hybrid hay rack/pellet feeders that make feeding fast and easy.

Food bowls aren’t strictly necessary either, as gerbils will happily forage for their gerbil food if you sprinkle it in their gerbil bedding, but having feeders and bowls can keep things tidier and let you monitor food intake better. A good gerbil water bottle, however, is a must for your gerbil cage, since you always need to have fresh, clean water available for your furry friends. You may want to hang a dispenser for gerbil treats in your cage to encourage fun snacking and play—they also make ball-shaped gerbil toys that dispense treats as they roll. Chewy has all the gerbil supplies you need to keep your gerbils fed and happy and your cage well-stocked and clean. Shop our great selection of gerbil feeders and get started setting up the perfect habitat for your pets!

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