Invisible Electric Dog Fences

Who let the dogs out? Not these guys! Chewy offers a wide variety of invisible dog fence systems and features to make sure that your dog is just as safe outside as he is inside. The electric dog fence provides the benefits of a traditional fence by keeping your pet within boundaries and keeping him away from the road, bicycle riders, passers-by and the neighbor’s rose garden without the expense, maintenance or aesthetic of an above ground fence. The PetSafe Wireless Containment System is a wireless kit that comes with one collar, a transmitter for your home and flags for training to give your dog a visual warning of his border. This product doesn’t even require in-ground wires to set up the perimeter! It works in a circular area around the transmitter for up to a half-acre in diameter. This system can also be set up with multiple dog collars for those homes with multiple dogs. Chewy’s selection of invisible dog fence accessories is a one-stop-shop for batteries, additional or electric dog fence collars that are compatible with your already installed system and even indoor barriers to remind your dogs of paws off, no-go zones. For traditionally fenced yards that may feature gardens, or other dog-unfriendly zones, check out PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier to make sure your good boy stays a good boy. Once you have an invisible dog fence you could consider installing a dog door so your pup can enter and exit the house as they please. With a doggie door installed, your four legged friend can lose the dog leashes and run around with the freedom to head to his dog house whenever he pleases. For great deals on the best dog supplies like dog food, dog toys and dog beds shop Chewy's online pet store!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Invisible Electric Dog Fences

How do electric dog fences work?

Electric dog fences work by sensing when your dog has crossed a boundary and sending an electric stimulus through a collar. The stimulus feels like a mild shock, or it may involve a warning tone ahead of the electric corrective. Electric dog fences are intended for use as training devices that teach your dog not to go beyond a specified area. They are not real fences and do not create any kind of physical barrier.

How do you install an electric dog fence?

Install an electric dog fence according to the manufacturer's instructions. In-ground wired electric dog fence systems require you to dig to bury the wires, while wireless systems usually just require simple perimeter setup using an app.

Are electric dog fences cruel?

Electric dog fences aren't cruel, but many people don't like the idea of shocking their dog, even lightly. Electric dog fences emit a gentle to moderate charge—many are adjustable—that is not unlike the shock you feel from static electricity buildup. Some also use tone and stimulus combinations or have tone-only settings. Although the electric impulse correction, when set properly, feels like a mild buzz, some dogs will become very frightened or upset when they first feel it. Monitor your dog closely for signs of distress and remove the fence if your dog continues to feel fearful. Some canines do very well with electric fences, while others do not.

What are the best electric dog fences?

The best electric dog fences will vary depending on your needs. In-ground electric dog fences are a popular choice and can be used to create a customizable and precise boundary for your pup. Wireless electric dog fences rely on radio signals or GPS and eliminate the need to dig up your yard. Electric dog fences that use tones or tone-only correctives are preferred by some, but they may not work as well for stubborn dogs. Choose an electric dog fence system that fits your containment and installation needs and the specific temperament of your pup.