Fish Tank Filter Cartridges

Keep your fish happily swimming with the help of a good fish tank filter and fish tank filter cartridge. Fish aquariums offers complete three-stage filtration for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. And a clean tank means happy fish. Most fish filter cartridges come in a pack of more than two, so you'll have another readily available when it comes time to switch it out. A quality filter cartridge will make a huge difference to the overall quality of the water in your aquarium. Marineland Bio-Wheel Penguin Power Filter offers complete three-stage filtration for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. The Rite-Size filter cartridge traps debris and removes odors and discoloration, providing mechanical as well as chemical filtration. There's also the Aqueon Filter, its patented design enhances water quality and clarity, increases oxygen levels and keeps your filter quiet. You could also try the Fluval Underwater Filter Poly/Carbon Cartridge. The dual-sided cartridge features a polyester filter pad on one side that removes fine debris and contaminants the carbon on the second side removes dangerous contaminants along with unwelcome colorants and odors. Keep your aquarium crystal clear and in tip-top condition with fish filter cartridges and other fish tank cleaning supplies. So whether you need fish food, fish tank decorations or even a fish tank heater Chewy's online pet store has all of the fish supplies you may need to keep your pet happy and healthy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fish Tank Filter Cartridges

Do I need filter cartridges for my fish tank?

You may need filter cartridges for your fish tank, but it will depend on what kind of filtration system you are using. Check the instructions on your aquarium filter to see what kind of aquarium filter cartridges you will need.

How do I know which filter cartridges to get?

You can know which filter cartridges to get if you check the instructions for the fish tank filter you are using. You can also usually find the fish tank filter cartridges your filter takes by searching for them on our site, or by consulting the manufacturer's site for more details. Chewy carries a wide range of aquarium filter cartridges, including many of the most popular brands and types.

Can you reuse fish tank filter cartridges?

You can sometimes reuse fish tank filter cartridges after rinsing, but it will depend on the type of fish tank filter cartridge and is generally not recommended. Consult the directions for your fish tank filter for precise instructions on proper cartridge use and replacement.