Litter Box Filters

Litter box filters help to minimize and control the cat litter odors in your cat litter box. The best filters are made with non-hazardous materials like carbon, charcoal and zeolite. They work to absorb smells and moisture from one week to several months depending on varying conditions. The make and model of the litter box may determine which litter box filters can be used as well. The Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Odor Control Universal Charcoal Filter comes with two odor control charcoal filters and can be cut along template lines to fit into any cat litter pan or box! Or you could try the Catit Hooded Cat Pan Replacement Carbon Filters which also comes with two replacement filters. These filters are easy to install, contain a high quality carbon filter and work with a variety of Catitit litter boxes. Whether you need cat food, cat toys or something less obvious like a cat tunnel or cat nail clippers, Chewy's online pet store has all of your cat supplies needs covered!

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